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Window offer for month of February !!!

In month of February 2017 we would like to offer FREE UPGRADE TO TRIPLE GLASS for your windows and doors. Please mention the website offer when asking for quotation.

Triple glazing is a system of sealed glazing units using 3 sheets of glass, the next step up from double glazing. Triple glazing provides better thermal and sound insulation than other forms of windows. To maximise the insulating effect the optimum gap required between the panes is about 16mm. Too close together results in radiant heat loss, too far apart leads to creation of gas currents which causes convection current heat losses. The gap is filled with an inert gas (argon), which provides greater insulation than air due to low thermal conductivity. The inner, and ideally also the middle pane should have a low emissivity coating. Also known as K glass, this has a metallic coating on the inner side of the unit. The Triple glazed units usually use glass panes of the same thickness, but this is not necessarily the best for noise reduction, we can use a different approach if this is why you need them. The thickness of the glass used is a key element of the sound insulation, each thickness of glass will block a different frequency, so a combination of panes of different thickness is very effective at keeping noise out, this is known as asymmetrical glazing. To reduce shear effects on the sealed glaze unit, most standard production units are restricted to a thickness difference of 1mm between consecutive panes. The second key element of sound insulation is the size of the gap between the panes. The larger the gap on the window, the better the overall sound insulation effect will be. So by having a second gap, triple glazing has a clear advantage over double glazing. The example in the picture below shows how you can also combine laminated glass into the product for safety purposes. Contact us with your requirements and we’ll be happy to help if we can. Winkel S 7000 IQ plus 5010x5007
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